What Is Vehicle Tracking?

Vehicle tracking is any system that keeps track of your company’s vehicles as they go about their daily business. There are many ways to track your vehicles, whether it’s a simple check in and out form or a detailed GPS tracker showing 24/7 detailed display of your vehicle’s live location.

Vehicle tracking is useful for any vehicle regardless of type, from a motorbike all the way up to a large truck hauling significant amounts of cargo. GPS tracker technology can significantly improve the security of your business’ vehicles and assets. Sophisticated vehicle tracking software can also be configured to include additional information such as geo-locations, drive time, fuel consumption, and trip count. Valuable data that can be used to make your business more streamlined and boost productivity.

Vehicle Tracking UK

Located in Bolton, Greater Manchester; we’re ideally placed to provide GPS vehicle tracking services throughout Manchester and the rest of the United Kingdom. Our central online portal is configured to fit your needs and is designed with user friendliness in mind. With easily accessible point and click filters and searches, information is easy to find from any location at any time of day.

GPS trackers for vehicles are useful for a wide range of different businesses. For example, they can be utilised to track vehicles as they move throughout their daily tasks, such as a fleet of vans for electrical technicians who visit client’s homes to perform repairs. Additionally, they could use geo-fence zones and alerts to create virtual barriers around certain locations (such as a car park in which the vehicles are kept outside of working hours). Should the vehicle leave this specified location, an alert is triggered informing you which specific vehicle left the area and when. In the event of criminal activity such as a vehicle theft or vandalism, this data is exceptionally valuable and can be passed on to law enforcement to help with their investigation.

Why Should Your Business Use Vehicle Tracking?

If your company utilises vehicles in its day-to-day activities, you need to utilise some form of management solution to ensure that records are accurate and you’re aware of where your fleet of vehicles are.

  • Improve Driver Safety - By tracking your company’s vehicles, you ensure that your employees are safe whilst using company vehicles. With GPS tracked vehicles, you’ll always be able to see exactly where your employees are, even if other lines of communication are lost. For example, if they are driving in an area with poor signal reception, or if they are unable to use their phone due to not having an opportunity to safely use their phone in a hands-free manner.

    Additionally, vehicle tracking also helps you to ensure that your employees are driving company vehicles in a safe manner. By tracking the speed and mileage of vehicles driven by employees, you will know which drivers are complying with speed restrictions and if any of your staff are driving irresponsibly.

  • Improve Customer Service - Using GPS tracking can result in a significant improvement in customer service. For example, with regards to deliveries or repair/maintenance work on a customer’s property. Using GPS tracking software, you’ll be able to provide detailed timeframe of when your employee will arrive.

    This can help you get an edge on your competition. Just think, when other companies not utilising GPS tracking software are only able to provide rough estimates on arrival time, sometimes with margins as large at 6 hours; being able to provide accurate and precise estimates on arrival time will help you stand out from the crowd. This vast improvement in customer service can help boost satisfaction and ultimately customer retention.

  • Reduce Paper-Reliance - Paper-based records increase your vulnerability; they can easily get lost, stolen, or damaged and are much harder to keep organised. Many businesses are moving towards a paperless future, and one of the ways you can significantly reduce the amount of paper waste that you generate in your business activities is to remove paper records and switch to a paperless design, with digital vehicle tracking software.

  • Ensure ISO27001 Compliance - Both paper records and manual digital records have issues regarding accuracy and security. As they can be vulnerable to both physical and digital threats such as theft or damage. With Cleartech vehicle tracking, you can store all your vehicle tracking information in one platform, access and manage it from anywhere, and keep the information securely backed up to ISO27001 standards.

  • Lower Fuel Usage - Vehicle tracking systems can help you to lower fuel usage, which can both help to lower costs and boost your business’s environmental friendliness. In an era where companies are consistently on the lookout for ways to improve their green credentials, monitoring your company vehicle’s speed and mileage via vehicle tracking is a fantastic way to reduce your carbon footprint.

  • Reduce Insurance & Maintenance Costs - For any business with a vehicle fleet, insurance and maintenance costs can be a significant expense. However, many insurance providers will offer a discount on insurance premiums for businesses that use fleet management systems such as vehicle tracking.

Why Choose Cleartech Systems For Vehicle Tracking?

It’s essential that you choose the correct business to provide your vehicle tracking solutions. We provide continuous customer support, including any and all technical issues. We work tirelessly to ensure that our customers have a top-quality solution, every time. Our experienced engineers are fully manufacturer trained and dedicate significant time to understand your unique needs.

Additionally, it’s also worthwhile to note that Cleartech Systems services are not limited to vehicle GPS tracking. We also provide IT support and security services. This ensures that our team are fully prepared and able to provide the highest quality digital services. After all, having a safe and secure network is essential to any business in the 21st century, as a provider of comprehensive business support systems, we’re the ideal choice. We design, evaluate, and justify technology solutions from a thorough understanding of both the software and how our efforts will benefit your company.

Our team are also able to provide software management solutions, which combine our award-winning antivirus software with advanced protection to help safeguard your business’s privacy, connect securely without sacrificing device speed, and stay away from cybercriminals trying to steal your data and harm your business.

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